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Learn More About Wasps

There are over 30,000 species of wasps found in every continent except Antarctica. Often confused with bees, wasps are flying, stinging insects that are seen as aggressive predators. They commonly build nests on and around houses which can be a dangerous nuisance, especially if children are near. Protect your loved ones from painful stings and contact us today for expert wasp control services!

Pest Identification:
¾ - 1½ inches
Usually brown and red, sometimes yellow or blue
Body Structure
Head, thorax, abdomen, stinger, wings.
Wasps are commonly feared by humans because they are somewhat aggressive and have a painful sting. They are capable of emitting a pheromone that sends a stress signals to their nearby colony members which will result in defensive stinging.
Habitat & Behavior
Wasps can be found in backyards, gardens, woodlands, and meadows. Wasps build and live in paper-like nests made from wood fibers that have been chewed into a pulp. They form colonies inside the nests.
Commonly Active
Spring / Summer / Fall
Prevention & Treatment
As mentioned above, wasps are an aggressive, stinging insect. They are especially dangerous because each wasp is capable of stinging a human more than once. Though there are store-bought wasp removals, we recommend calling a professional pest control company due to their aggressive nature.