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Get Quick And Effective Relief From Bed Bugs!

You know that catchy little saying, “Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite?” Not us. With, you will never have to worry about bed bug bites. You and your family will be able to sleep comfortably at night knowing that is your local expert at getting rid of bed bugs for good!

Bed Bug Treatment in Southern California


Bed bugs are a nuisance and can cause a lot of stress, so that's why we want to provide the most effective bed bug treatment in Southern California. However, each bed bug infestation can be different. That's why offers three treatment options to make sure your specific pest control needs are met. 

  • Traditional residual application: Our exterminators will apply liquid treatment to your interior. The bugs will be killed on contact and the treatment will only take a couple of days.
  • Bed Bug Heat Treatment: All parts of the house will be heated to 120 degrees, which is lethal to bed bugs. It is a single-day treatment and will kill all of the bed bugs when done correctly. 
  • Fumigation: This is the most effective way to get rid of bed bugs. With our fumigation service, a tent will be placed over the entire house and will kill all of the bugs in your home in just three days!

Save $100 On Your Bed Bug Treatment!

Local Bed Bug Removal Experts is a locally owned company, so we understand the exact issues you deal with when it comes to pests. We have the same creepy crawlies affecting our homes too and know exactly how to get rid of them. Ditch the DIY bed bug treatments and trust your local experts to have your home pest-free!

When choosing for your bed bug needs, you can expect:

  • A thorough inspection from one of our highly trained technicians.   
  • Service within 24 hours of calling for fast and effective relief. 
  • Treatments designed specifically for your home and infestation. 
  • And more!

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Eliminate Bed Bugs and Feel Secure Today! 

After we treat your home for bed bugs, you will be back to sleeping soundly!  No one deserves to deal with bed bugs, but thankfully with the help of, you don’t have to deal with them any longer!  After teaming up with our trained and certified technicians, you and your family can get back to getting the sleep you deserve!

Our Bed Bug Control Service Area

We here at service all over the Southern California area, below are the cities where we provide bed bug control:

Don't let the bed bugs bite - ever!

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